Thank you

I was travelling abroad . My son felt ill. I had no credit to contact the call centre. I whatsapped him. In 5 min , Traveler Assist called me, directed me to nearest hospital and hospital did not ask me for payment.

Professional staff

Suddenly new rules. I can not fly because I need to do PCR. I do not know where I can do this PCR or which one will be accepted . I txted my insurance. What a professional staff . Dr Tarek was amazing . He resolved.

Not just towing app

I feel dizzy and could not drive anymore. 2 cups of tea did not help. It was a great dilemma . If I called the ambulance , I will have to leave my car on the road. It looked as time to sacrifice. Me or my car. I called Masr Assistance who sent me a drive . He drove me home .

Exceptional Service

We had to use “Travel Assist”, the service was fantastic and amazing, , the staff were very helpful and ready to help, I have many reasons to buy their insurance and I can recommend to any person to do, thank you for the exceptional service that exceeded our expectations

No fraud

I was at party and I had to drink. I had an accident. I was sent to hospital . The day after , I got a shock . Hospital asked me for thousands of Dollars!!I was threaten that immigration may cancel my USA visa in my next entry.I contacted my insurance who resolved.